Return Spring #3


​To place a order call (530)533-6069 or email us at s1sound1@yahoo.com. Free shipping over $250.00 excludes fenders, wheels/tire ship for $40.00 , and engines ship for $47.00 

Recoil "D" Washer

  • Requires 2


OEM Pull Rope Handle

Stock ATC/TRX70 Recoil Conversion Kit

  • This kit allows you to get rid of the complicated, worn out OEM starter and replace it with a stronger,  modern Heavy Duty Recoil Starter.
  • New billet adapter plate and steel grabber cage. Bolts directly to the OEM Flywheel and Side case. All mounting hardware included.
  • Please specify which motor you have, 
  • as the adapter plates are different 

ATC70 Kit $139.00
TRX70 Kit 

( Black with no decal $30.00 less)

Economy Recoil Handle

  • Larger than the OEM handle.


Recoil Ratchet Starters #2

  • 3 Required


Recoil Conversion for Oem Recoil/Sidecase to China motor

  • This grabber cage & recoil spacer will allow you to convert your kick start China engine to recoil start using your stock Atc70 recoil starter, and stock flywheel case.
  • You will need to remove your China flywheel and drill and tap 4 mounting holes, or you can weld the cage to your flywheel.
  • You may have to grind some material off of the inside of your oem flywheel case to clear the cdi pulser unit. Mounting bolts included. Some customer may need additional spacer for $12.00 depending on flywheel configuration 


Recoil Kit #1 

  • This is a complete bolt on kit for most Chinese engines. It Includes a custom billet aluminum side case, a steel grabber cage, and a HD Recoil Starter. All mounting hardware is included. You will need to drill and tap your flywheel to mount the new grabber cage. If you are not capable of this we can do it for you for a $20.00 fee.
  • Note: You will need to remove the flywheel before attempting to drill and tap it. Failure to do so can result in damage to the stator coils.
  • (Kit includes mounting bolts)
  • Billet aluminum side case
  • Steel grabber cage
  • HD recoil starter


(black with no decal $30.00 less)

Recoil Spacer

  • 3/16" spacer will allow a 1973-1980 recoil mount on a 1981-1985. Honda changed the flywheel and recoil in '81.


Recoil Friction Spring #5


Friction Plate #4


All the engines (except E-Start) will need a recoil kit or will have to be kick started. You can kick start your 70 to save the cost of the recoil conversions, but should be noted, you will hit the rear fender and tire when starting. You can stand next to the bike, facing back, kick with your right foot, holding the handlebar with your right hand. Helps to mount the kick lever as far forward as you can. It works, but converting to Recoil Start is the Best way. We have 2 options for you to achieve Recoil Starting.

Recoil Rope 

  • 6ft
  • Heavy Duty


Recoil Kit #2 (does not include sidecase)

  • This kit is made to use with your original ATC70 or TRX70 side case on Chinese Engines. You will have to grind out an inner part of the ATC70 sidecase in order for it to clear the pulser unit on the new CDI motors. This kit includes a new Heavy Duty Recoil Starter, a steel grabber cage, and a billet adapter plate. The ATC70 kit includes an additional spacer plate also. All mounting hardware is included. You will need to drill and tap the flywheel of the new engine to mount the grabber cage. If you are not capable of this, we can do it for you for an additional $20.00 fee plus return shipping. This kit will not fit onto the stock ATC70 or TRX70 engines. See below for kits that will work.
  • Note: You will need to remove the flywheel before attempting to drill and tap it.
  • TRX70 Does Not Come With Additional Spacer

ATC70 kit $149.00

TRX70 kit $149.00

( Black with no decal $30.00 less)

E Clip #7


Recoil Gasket #16


Recoil Kits And Parts

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