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5" Single Row LED Headlight

  • You must run a voltage regulator, failure will occur with out it.
  • 3Cree LEDs
  • 810 Lumens 
  • IP67 water resistance 


1973-1974 Reproduction Tail Light Bracket

  • (light not included)
  • Laser cut stainless steel


OEM Style Headlight Brackets

  • Reproduction of the original light kit option, made to clamp around the fork tube as shown. We recommend installing these by taking the top plate off and slipping them down the fork. Stretching them open may crack the powder coat or chrome plating. 
  • Cannot run number plate and lights together
  • fits led headlights .

Satin Black $39.00 pr

Lighting, Headlight Clamps

OEM Style Headlight​

  • We have an optional water resistant hi-off-low beam switch can be installed into the top part of the headlight bucket.
  • In 12 volt(chinese engines) applications, the standard two wire regulator will be required. This is not a perfect match to the original headlight option but is the same as later model Hondas with round headlights.
  • Please specify if you need a 6v or 12v bulb.

$100.00 with switch installed.

HEISE LED Headlight

  • Compact size. 1440 Lumens. Uses 6, 3watt Cree LEDs. Fully sealed aluminum houseing with an IP67 water resistance rating. Uses 1.5 amps of current.
  • You must run a battery. and voltage regulator
  • Running an LED light directly off the motor WILL DESTROY the light.


LED Tail-lights

  • These mount with 3m double sided tape.  A .25" hole for wire will have to be drill in the frame. Very clean look and very bright. 12 volt only. Requires a battery. Parking light and brake light inputs.


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