To place a order :

Phone-(530)533-6069(Credit card orders only, we do not accept PayPal over the phone) (​For PayPal orders)Email orders take 2-5 business days to get responded to, if you need to place a order faster please call us with a credit card.

Hours- Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm PST.

*All overnight, 2nd day, and 3 day deliver must be placed before 1:00pm PST*

*Orders Ship Between 2-5 Business depending if product is in stock *

H.R. 4040
Spangler's Sound & Off-Road/ will continue to sell parts to the adult population for the vintage atc/atv and mini vintage motorcross industry. It will be the responsibility of the purchasing adult as to the disposition of all products purchased from Spangler's Sound & Off-Road/ will adhere to the guidelines of H.R. 4040 and will remain in the possession and control of the adult purchaser. All of the parts sold by Spangler's Sound & Off-Road/ should be installed and maintained by a qualified mechanic. Spangler's Sound & Off-Road/ accepts no responsibility for the installation, maintenance and or operation of these products. Motorcycles can cause physical injury and death, Spangler's Sound & Off-Road/ accepts no liability for these occurrences

*Check out the new Piranha 180cc and the Pitster Pro 190cc E-start on our Engines Page or Click on the button on the right ------>>>>>* is your one stop shop for all Atc70/Trx70 parts from mild to wild we have the right parts to make your bike one of a kind.

*For all quotes please email us at*

Forms of payments:

Visa, Master card, and Discover

Paypal (email orders only)

Shipping policy. 
Free standard shipping to the lower 48 states on orders over $250.00. Excludes engines, fenders and wheel/tires. Engines, fenders, and wheels/tires will now ship for $40.00 flat rate to the lower 48 only

*We ship international for inquiries please email us at*

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