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OEM Exhaust Flange

  • These go into the head with the stock exhaust. 
  • Two Required. The exhaust will not seal without them.
  • Not necessary with our exhaust pipes.

$1.50 ea

Carbon Fiber Heat Shield

  • Universal Clamp On Style. Protects your leg from the hot pipe. Great especially for younger kids.


1973-1974 Exhaust System

  • Made of CNC Mandrel bent 1 1/8" stainless tubing.
  • Fits stock engines and Chinese engines with Honda Style exhaust ports only.
  • Designed to come up through the frame like stock.
  • Includes exhaust gasket.


Headpipe only-$109.00

1978-1985 ATC70- up or down style head (complete with muffler and clamp)

  • Fits stock engines and Chinese engines with Honda Style exhaust ports only
  • 1986 TRX70- up style head pipe only 
  • We have these pipes custom made from CNC Mandrel bent 1 1/8" stainless tubing. 
  • Chinese muffler includes mounting clamp.
  • Exhaust Gasket Included on all exhaust.
  • The up pipe will not fit the 87 TRX70 with the oem footbrake.
  • Down pipe goes under the motor like stock.
  • Designed to clear the oil drain plug, electric starter, and our footbrake conversion kit.
  • USA made head pipe, don't be fooled by china copies.


Headpipe only- $109.00.

Exhaust Gasket

  • Fits most of the Honda and Chinese horizontal engines. Must use with OEM or aftermarket exhaust.

$2.00 ea

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