Stator Rebuild Kit 

  • All Years ATC70
  • Replaces all components on stator plate, includes new crankshaft seal and outer o-ring seal.


X Super Coil

  • 12volt CDI Engines only
  • Tested and Developed to produce 20% more spark energy than stock coils. Includes NGK plug cap.


Starter Solenoid


TRX70 Complete Stator Replacement Kit (Reproduction)

  • Includes: Flywheel, Stator, Stator Plate, Steel Grabber Cage, Harness and CDI. (Product looks varies due to change of manufacture of stator)
  • Stock coil and Kill switch will plug right in. (see photos)
  • Due to the thickness of some of the flywheels we purchase, the kit may ​include a spacer for your recoil starter.
  • All OEM parts have been discontinued from Honda.


Tune Up Kit,

  • All Years
  • Includes Points, Condenser and Spark Plug



Spark Plug

Stator Connector


12v 5 Pin CDI (china engines)


12 CDI Volt Ignition Coil

  • Mounts directly to frame. This coil will not work with stock ATC70 ignition system.


Reproduction 6V Coil

  • 1973-1974 ATC70
  • Does not include spark plug cap


3-Way Rocker Switch

  • High-Off-Low
  • Great for headlight buckets


Cdi Harness(China engines)


TRX70 Ignition Coil

Reproduction 6V Coil

  • 1978-1985 ATC70
  • Does not include spark plug cap


​To place a order call (530)533-6069 or email us at Free shipping over $250.00 excludes fenders, wheels/tire ship for $40.00 , and engines ship for $47.00 


Non-Battery, 2 Wire Regulator

  • Use with standard lights (non-LED) only and no battery. WILL NOT work with a battery or LED lights.


OEM Kill Switch 

  • All Years ATC70
  • Fits into OEM Throttle Housing


Hard Button Kill/Start Switch


Billet Kill or Start Switch

  • Very Nice Billet Aluminum Switch
  • Available in Red, Blue, Black or Silver


Battery Style, 4 Wire Regulator/ Rectifier

  • Needed to charge your battery. For use with LED lights.


Hidden Aluminum Switch Plate

  • Mounts to the stock coil mounts under the fuel tank. Keep your handlebars clean and make your e-start motors more theft proof. Has two .5" holes with room for one more.


Battery Box 1978-1985

  • Bolts with grab bar opposite of the exhaust.
  • The box is almost completely hidden
  • Has fold out tabs to hold starter solenoid.
  • Includes Strap

$39.00 Raw
$59.00 Powder-Coat Black

12 Volt Yuasa Motorcycle Battery

Reproduction Light Harness

  • All Years ATC70
  • Plugs into stock harness,
  • for use with 6 volt bulbs only. No LED lights.


TRX70 Kill Switch (Repro)

  • 86-87 TRX 70 only. Bolts onto factory location. 
  • Has longer wires to accommodate taller bars.


NGK Spark Plug Cap

  • Fits all Chinese and Honda Engines, 12volt or 6 volt coils


Waterproof  On-Off Switch

  • Push Button
  • Perfect for running head lights in our hidden aluminum plate



Battery Box 1973-1974

  • Mounts upside-down inside the frame. must drill two mounting holes. Does not fit with stock exhaust.
  • Strap Included

$39.00 Raw
$59.00 Powder-Coat Black

Cr/Xr Style Kill Switch 


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