20/24mm Short Manifold

  • Great fit in the ATC/TRX70. This manifold is perfect for use with our 20mm OEM style carb. Low profile keeps the carb down so it fits under the OEM tank. Includes bolts and gaskets.


Dual Feed Petcock

  • This is a great idea for converting your ATC70s dual outlet into on one output while retaining your reserve-off-on functions.


Carbs, Intake, and Manifold gaskets

Manifold To Carb Gasket

  • 1978-1985


Inline Fuel Filter


Manifold to Carb Insulator/Bushings

  • All Years ATC/TRX70
  • Used to center the carb

$5.00 pr

To place a order call (530)533-6069 or email us at s1sound1@yahoo.com. Free shipping over $250.00 excludes fenders, wheels/tire , and engines ship for $40.00 

Fuel Line

$4.00 ft

  • (OEM Size)

$5.00 ft

Manifold To Carb Insulator

  • 1973-1974


OEM Style Replacement Choke Lever

  • 1978-1985


26mm Pingle Mount Manifold

  • Perfect fit with the VM26 and Trailbikes 28mm 
  • Carbs. Low profile helps with tank clearance. 
  • On some motors the manifold to head mount 
  • holes may need to be drilled larger in order to 
  • turn the carb in more to clear the tank.
  • Also available in KLX style intake port..


Manifold To Carb Insulator

  • 1978-1985


Petcock Mount

  • Fits the 1978-85 Model Tanks
  • This is a weld on mount. The original outlets will need to be cut off and sealed. Converts your dual outlets into one with an on-off-reserve in tank petcock. Has larger outlet and built in filter

Kit: $79.00

ATC/TRX70 Air Filter Boot Clamp

$7.00 ea

Manifold To Head Gasket

  • Fits all years


Manifold To Carb Gasket

  • 1973-1974


Oem Airbox Covers

  • Requires 2


1973-1974 Packing Kit

  • Used to rebuild petcock and sediment bowl. These parts are not included in standard rebuild kit.


Mikuni VM26-606

  • Works great on 140cc-200cc engines. 
  • You will need a modern thumb throttle or a twist 
  • throttle to open the slide all the way. 
  • Single fuel inlet/no built in petcock.
  • Comes with 190 main jet and 22.5 pilot jet.​

*For Additional jets please see your local motorcycle shop .

UNI Air Filters

  • Dual element foam filter
  • Available inlet sizes:
  • 1", 1.25", 
  • 1.5"(OEM Style 20mm),
  • 1.75"(VM26)


Reproduction ATC70 Carb

  • 1973-1974
  • Direct replacement for the original carb.


Reproduction ATC70 Carb

  • 1978-1985 ATC70 and All TRX70
  • Identical to the OEM Carb. 
  • Petcock and choke are on the correct side and uses the stock jets. 
  • Ready to bolt on and go.



TrailBikes 28mm Performance Carb

  • This is a great carb for 150cc and bigger bores. 
  • Stock main is 125 and pilot is a 50. 
  • Main and pilot jet kits are available.


TRX70 Carb Kit

Honda In-line Petcock

  • Has mounting tab for easy mounting under the fuel tank and larger inlet/outlet for bigger carbs.


Reproduction Airbox to Carb Boot

  • 1978-1985 or 1973-1974 ATC70
  • Let us know which year as they are different.


OEM Air Filter

  • All years ATC/TRX70


Carb Float

  • 1973-1974


1978-1985 Carb. Kit


Oem Airbox Bolt


6mm Acorn Nuts


1973-1974 Carb kit

  • Does not include the main jet.


Carb Float

  • 1978-1985/TRX70


OEM Style Replacement Petcock

  • 1978-1985


OEM Style Larger 20mm Carb

  • Same shape and style as OEM carb.
  • Shorter slide and bowl help keep this carb down so it will not hit on the tank like many of the carbs that come with the Chinese engines.
  • Uses the same style jets as OEM. Has a built in petcock with on-off-reserve like stock. Your stock thumb throttle and cable will work with this carb.
  • This is the carb we include in our 88cc and 114cc big bore kits. 
  • It is also the carb we put in our 90-125cc engine kit.

Main Jet Kit

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