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New shipping policy.

Free shipping to the lower 48 states on orders over $50.00. Excludes engines, fenders and wheels/tires. Engines will now ship for $40.00 flat rate to the lower 48

We have wheels and tires for the ATC70's, both stock 3 bolt pattern, or 4 bolt standard or race-cut wheels, polished or powder coated satin black. We offer a 4 bolt front and rear hub for your ATC70. The advantage to the 4 bolt rim is much nicer look, with many more options of size & off-sets.
We are Douglas Wheel, Skat Trak, Holeshot, DWT, AMS Tire Dealers.
We also are direct with Parts Unlimited and Western Power Sports

For ordering or question:  

Shop # 530-533-6069

New Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 am-6:00 pm p.s.t. 


Please see our Shipping and Return Policy page before ordering.

OEM 7" Tires and Wheel

Cheng Shin Tires

Size: 16x8-7

These tires are the closest to stock that are currently available.


$39.00 ea

CST Tires

Size: 16x8-7


$39.00 ea


AMS Swamp Fox Tires


Size: 16x8-7




Skat Trak Front Tire

'Smooth Buff' Sand Tire

Size: 17x7-7


$89.00 ea

Stock Honda Ohtsu Tires



Sorry, this item has been discontinued from Honda.


2-Piece Wheel Bolts


$3.00 ea


Wheel O-ring

Please specify which bike you have, and front or rear on the TRX70, as they are different.


ATC70-All, TRX70-Rear $3.00 ea


TRX70-Front $3.00 ea


Valve Stems

Fits the Stock and Aftermarket Rims, Short Style


$2.00 ea




8" Tires and Wheels

Tire Mounting:

We will mount your tires at no additional charge with purchase of wheel and tire.


Carlisle/ITP Mini Holeshot Tire

The Holeshot style tire fits all years of the ATC & TRX 70 with the use of the 8" aftermarket rim. Tires are available in 16" & 18". We recommend the 18" because it is a better fit and is wider to protect the rim lip.


18x6.5-8 (actual height is 16")

$59.00 ea



16x6.5-8 (actual height is 14.5")

$49.00 ea


Size: 18x7-8

True 18" tire. These do not fit on the 1973-74 ATC70s.

Aggressive tread that inflates very flat to maximize contact with the ground. 


$59.00 ea

Skat Trak, Rear Sand Tire

6 Paddle Gliders

Size: 18x8.8-8


$219.00 pair

Skat Trak Front Tire

Smooth Buff

Size: 18x7-8


$89.00 ea

Temp Out of Stock

Douglas 8" Aluminum Wheels

Available Sizes:



3/100, 8x6, 3+3 off-set(centered)

$59.00 ea


4-Bolt, 'Race Cut'

4/110, 8x6, 3+3 (centered)

4/110, 8x6, 2+4 (off-set 1" wider than stock)

4/110, 8x7, 3+4 (off-set 1" wider than stock)


Race Cut Wheel

We have our 4-bolt wheels CNC cut to remove the excess material between the mount bolts. This lightens the wheel a little and gives it a better look.


$69.00 ea


Powder Coat Wheels

Blasted and powder coated to a satin black finish


$25.00 additional per wheel


Other colors available, prices varies by color.




Billet Front 4-Bolt Hub

Uses the standard spacers. You will need to use the center spacer from your old hub.Includes wheel mounting bolts.




Front 4-Bolt Disc Brake Hub

Built on rotor mount. Includes wheel studs, inner, and outer spacers.


Raw $99.00

Available Powder coated or chromed for additional charge.

Front 3-Bolt Disc Brake Hub

Upgrade to a front disc brake while keeping the original look.


Raw $99.00

Available Powder coated or chromed for additional charge.


OEM Honda Cast Flat (Utility)Steel Hubs

No off-set, Clear Zinc Finish


$69.00 pr

 Cast Flat

(Sport)Steel Hub

No off-set,

Silver Paint Finish


$119.00 pr


OEM Honda Cast


Steel Hubs

3/4" Off-set

Silver Paint Finish


$119.00 pr

Lonestar Aluminum Hubs

3/4" Off-set

Machined 7075 Billet Aluminum


$219.00 pr

 Lug Nuts

Use on the 4-bolt hubs



$1.25 ea