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Lighting and Electrical

Shipping policy.

Free standard shipping to the lower 48 states on orders over $250.00. 

Excludes engines, fenders and wheels/tires. 

Engines ship for $40.00 flat rate to the lower 48 states


If you need help with your wiring, please take a look at our new tech support page. 

We will be trying to add as much info as possible to help you our with your build.


To place an order:
Phone # 530-533-6069 
Open Mon-Fri 9-6 p.s.t.  
Please see our Shipping and Return Policy page before ordering.
No returns allowed on electronic parts.


OEM ATC70 Parts


Stator Rebuild Kit

All Years ATC70

Replaces all components on stator plate, includes new crankshaft seal and outer o-ring seal.




Stator Connector




Harness Grommet



Tune Up Kit, All Years

Includes Points, Condenser and Spark Plug



Spark Plug











Reproduction 6V Coil

1978-1985 ATC70

Does not include spark plug cap




Reproduction 6V Coil

1973-1974 ATC70

Does not include spark plug cap




OEM Kill Switch 

All Years ATC70

Fits into OEM Throttle Housing




Reproduction Light Harness, All Years ATC70

Plugs into stock harness,

for use with 6 volt bulbs only. No LED lights.



TRX70 Electrical 


TRX70 Complete Stator Replacement Kit (Reproduction)

Includes: Flywheel, Stator, Stator Plate, Grabber Cage, Harness and CDI. 

Stock coil and Kill switch will plug right in. (see photos)

Due to the thickness of some of the flywheels we purchase, the kit may 

include a spacer for your recoil starter.



All OEM parts have been discontinued from Honda.




TRX70 Kill Switch (Reproduction)
86-87 TRX 70 only. Bolts onto factory location. 

Has longer wires to accommodate taller bars.


TRX70 Ignition Coil





12 Volt/Chinese Engines

CDI Harness




12 Volt, 5-Pin CDI




Starter Solenoid




12 CDI Volt Ignition Coil

Mounts directly to frame. This coil will not work with stock ATC70 ignition system.



X Super Coil

12volt CDI Engines only

Tested and Developed to produce 20% more spark energy than stock coils. Includes NGK plug cap.




NGK Spark Plug Cap

Fits all Chinese and Honda Engines, 12volt or 6 volt coils




Non-Battery, 2 Wire Regulator

Use with standard lights (non-LED) only and no battery. WILL NOT work with a battery or LED lights.




Battery Style, 4 Wire Regulator/ Rectifier

Needed to charge your battery. For use with LED lights.



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Battery Box


Bolts with grab bar opposite of the exhaust.

The box is almost completely hidden when

uncut fenders are on the bike.

Has fold out tabs to hold starter solenoid.

Includes Strap


$39.00 Raw


$59.00 Powder-Coat Black




12 Volt Yuasa Motorcycle Battery



Battery Box


Mounts upside-down inside the frame. must drill two mounting holes. Does not fit with stock exhaust.

Strap Included


$39.00 Raw



$59.00 Powder-Coat Black


12 Volt AGM Dry-Cell Battery





TB Kill or Start Switch




CR/XR style Kill Switch




OEM ATC70 Honda Kill Switch

All Years ATC70

Fits into OEM Throttle Housing



Billet Kill or Start Switch

Very Nice Billet Aluminum Switch

Available in Red, Blue, Black or Silver



Hidden Aluminum Switch Plate

Mounts to the stock coil mounts under the fuel tank. Keep your handlebars clean and make your e-start motors more theft proof. Has two .5" holes with room for one more.




Waterproof  On-Off Switch

Push Button

Perfect for running head lights in our hidden aluminum plate




3-Way Rocker Switch


Great for headlight buckets





Lights and Mounts

 HEISE LED Headlight
Compact size. 1440 Lumens. Uses 6, 3watt Cree LEDs. Fully sealed aluminum houseing with an IP67 water resistance rating. Uses 1.5 amps of current.

You must run a battery.

Running an LED light directly off the motor WILL DESTROY the light.


With Satin Black Clamps
 OEM Style Headlight

Available with either a 6 or 12 volt bulb. Uses the OEM style headlight brackets.
We have an optional water resistant hi-off-low beam switch(see switches above) that can be installed into the top part of the headlight bucket.
We have an OEM reproduction harness(see above) for the original motors that will work with this light.
In 12 volt(chinese engines) applications, the standard two wire regulator(see above) will be required. This is not a perfect match to the original headlight option but is the same as later model Hondas with round headlights.

Please specify if you need a 6v or 12v bulb.

$100.00 with switch installed.

OEM Style Headlight Brackets

Reproduction of the original light kit option, made to clamp around the fork tube as shown. We recommend installing these by taking the top plate off and slipping them down the fork. Stretching them open may crack the powder coat or chrome plating. 

Cannot run number plate and lights together.


Satin Black $39.00 pr


Chrome $59.00 pr


LED Tail-lights

These mount with 3m double sided tape.  A .25" hole for wire will have to be drill in the frame. Very clean look and very bright. 12 volt only. Requires a battery. Parking light and brake light inputs.




Reproduction Tail Light Bracket


(light not included)

Laser cut stainless steel