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or text him anytime: 530-370-6266

 New shipping policy.

Free standard shipping to the lower 48 states on orders over $50.00. Excludes engines, fenders and wheels/tires. Engines will now ship for $40.00 flat rate to the lower 48


For ordering or questions:
Shop # 530-533-6069 
New Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 am-6:00 pm p.s.t.  
Please see our Shipping and Return Policy page before ordering.



Maier Plastic Fenders 1978-85 ATC70

Available in Red, Blue, Black, White, Pink, and Black Carbon Fiber

We also have a few sets of custom Orange fenders available.


$45.00 Front

$150.00 Rear

New fender color from Maier


Electric Blue


$195.00 Set


New Rear Fender, Front Seat Mount


Heavy Duty and Thicker than OEM

Satin Black





New Rear Fender, Rear Mount Bracket


Zinc Plated or Satin Black




Reproduction Number Plate

Color matched to Maier Fenders

Available in Red, Black, White, Blue, and Carbon Fiber Black




1973-74 Reproduction Plastic Fenders

Available in Daytona Orange(73) and Light Scarlet Red(74)


Sold in sets only


Reproduction Plastic Heat Shield

Color match to Maier Fender colors

Available in Red, Daytona Orange, White and Carbon Fiber

Based off a 1973 model bike. Will attach to a 1974 but will not work with the stock '74 exhaust. It will work on the '74 when using our aftermarket exhaust system.

Mounting holes come drilled




Maier TRX 70 Fenders

Available in Red Only


Front  $229.00

Rear  $209.00



Seat Covers

 1978-1985 Models

Complete assembled seat for the ATC70 $177.00



Seat Covers with 'HONDA' on back and '70' logo on the side. 


The blue cover is the original style for the 1985 model ATC70.

Available in Blue, Black, or Red




Seat Cover with 'HONDA' on back only.

The black cover is the original style for the 1984 model ATC70.

Available in Black or Blue




Heat Pleated Black Seat Cover

'HONDA' logo on the rear

Original style for the 1978-1983 models



  1973-1974 Model


Heat Pleated Black Seat Cover

Honda logo on the rear only



 86-87 TRX70

Original Style Blue Seat Cover




Red or Black Seat Cover




Seat Foams

1978-1985 Seat Foam

These are custom made to be both soft and supportive



1973-1974 Seat Foam




Seat Pans


1978-1985 Plastic Seat Pan

Copied from an original metal pan. No more rusted pans and easier to install new seat covers.




1973-1974 Reproduction Metal Seat Pan

Made of thick steel like the original pan. Includes new OEM rubbers installed.

This is a special order item. It will take 1-3 weeks for item to ship.




Gas Tanks


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Steel 'Bubble' Tank

Replacement tank for your ATC. Is similar in style to the ATC90/110 Tanks. Single outlet petcock with on-off-reserve built into tank. Includes gas cap. We have an adapter bracket to make this fit right onto your bike. 1978-1985 models only.


Available in Tahitian Red, White and Black

(the Tahitian Red is orange based and does not match the Maier or original fenders)


Chrome Tank


Red Tank
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Red Bubble Tank

This tank is closer in color to the original red on the ATC70. It is different than the Tahitian Red above.




OEM Honda Gas Caps


Cap with on-off vent lever

Does not fit early, low-neck tanks or bubble tanks.






Standard Cap w/o on-off vent lever

1973-1981 original style. Made for tanks with the  low neck. Will fit all ATC70 tanks for all years.